Essay on Smart By Shel Silverstein : An Informative Poem

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Smart by Shel Silverstein on page 157 is an enjoyable poem about a naïve child who believes he is more astute than every person he associates with. For example, the child thought he was getting the better deal when he received a dollar and “swapped it for two shiny quarters/ ’Cause two is more than one” (lines 3-4). By choosing quantity over quality the child is displaying a lack of understanding between amount and worth. Silverstein’s lyrical poem, uses repetition, rhyme, meter, and tone of voice to convey the message of a child’s youth and immaturity.
Silverstein composed a lyrical poem in the point of view of a young boy. The numerous personal pronouns used to represent the boy shows that Silverstein incorporates a lyrical element into his poem. Since I enjoyed the poem I decided to share this poem with my family and friends. They were also able to enjoy the witty poem and the underlying message. In fact, I chose this poem because I was able to relate to the message of the poem. When my niece was younger, she stated her preference for coins which, to her, were worth more than a dollar. Thus, I was able to comprehend the father’s frustration over his son’s irrationality. At that point in time I was not able to understand the lack of understanding that my young niece displayed. Now, looking back, I empathize with her irrationality concerning amount and worth.
Anyhow, Silverstein repeats words and phrases in his poem that highlight the narrator’s naïve view of money. The…

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