Essay on Sleep Disorders Affecting People Of People Across The Globe

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Sleep disorders affect millions of people across the globe in their social and cognitive function as well as potential self-physical endangerment. Many sleep disorders affect the amount of time one sleeps, leaving one in a sleep debt or simply completely sleep deprived. This affects can affect reaction times, memory, emotional state, and safety. Stress, work, time management, genetics, diet, illness, and medications all play a role in the loss of sleep. This can affect anyone around the world and actually does affects half of adults over the age of 65. Sleep disorders are widely underreported in younger age groups. Thus, It is not clear whether this is a normal part of aging. However, through the advancement of sleep research and emerging technologies a solution may become available as time progresses.
Sleeping Disorders
Narcolepsy is characterized by “sleep” attacks which make one suddenly feeling extremely tired and instantly falling asleep. (Roddick and Cherney ) These “sleep attacks” can be triggered at any time without warning leaving one unable to move due to the natural paralyzing agent that the human body produces while in a sleep state. Normally, the body becomes paralyzed during sleep to protect itself from being damaged, but sometimes people are not able to produce this paralyzing agent. Sleep apnea is characterized by pauses in breathing during sleep. This is a serious medical condition that causes the body to take in less oxygen. It can also cause…

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