Slaves In Algiers Analysis

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This nation was founded by immigrants fleeing their motherland or by explorers who sought new territory, for their homeland. The Spanish explorers sought riches. While the New World became a source of income for the French through the fur trade and other forms of transactions. The English travelers came to escape religious persecution. The migrants for the most part still maintained the traditions of their homeland. After the War of Independence, we see a transformation of the émigrés way of perceiving themselves, especially in the English colonies. They considered themselves “Americans”. Why did the immigrants suddenly view themselves as “Americans”? One reason may be that the War united them and through that they could create a unique identity for themselves and through that they formed a national identity. Nevertheless, some forms of the “American” man began forming before the War, with writers such as Smith and Crèvecoeur and then after the War, the early ideologies were re-enforced by authors such as Franklin and possibly Rowson. The three writings that express the “American” values and beliefs come from, “A Description of New England”, “The Way to Wealth,” and “Slaves in Algiers.” …show more content…
When I was young, I had always imagined an "American" as someone who pursued the American dream through means hard work and through honesty. Many people would agree, nevertheless, many wouldn't know where this belief came from. In 1616, Captain John Smith wrote a description of New England. Smith was not very well liked because he expected people to work. In his writing, "A Description of New England," Smith is sensationalizing the New World. He is telling them about the available natural resources. In the following passage, Smith reflects one of the "American"

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