Slaves Impact During The Abolition Movement Essay

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Slaves Impact During The Abolition Movement

During the movement slave holders were preached to by Baptist and Methodist preachers. Black Harry was a Methodist preacher who was once considered the best orator in America. Black Harry was once a carriage driver and servant. He was known for his ability to memorize long passages in the bible this is why he was considered the best orator in America, he was intended to preach to slaves however, further down the road when he would speak at sermons whites became influenced by Black Harry and his skill to cite the bible so well. His intentions were almost identical to Sam Sharpe 's, which was to have slaves free and they both preached. Sam Sharpe and Black Harry believed that through religion slaves would be set free. Black Harry 's part in the Abolition Movement was to speak and influence his brother 's and sister 's he wanted equal rights with freedom to follow. Sam Sharpe was known as the " National Hero of Jamaica". He was a leader during the Jamaican Baptist War Slave Rebellion. Mr. Sharpe was very well educated, and was a preacher who taught his brother 's and sister 's his religion which was Christian unlike Black Harry. Christianity promised freedom to the slaves is what Mr. Sharpe believed in. Mr. Sharpe created a plan to resist work and start fires on Christmas Day in 1831, this was fighting to be treated better and hopefully a possibility for freedom.Mr. Sharpe helped in the Abolition Movement by his acts and in 1834…

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