Slaves And Slavery: The Narrative Of Fredrick Douglass

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The Narrative of Fredrick Douglass brings light to the tragic and barbaric ways that his fellow slaves were treated. Douglass gives us glimpses into the daily struggle that slaves have endured just to survive. Although, the slaves went through a lot, no matter how broken, they might seem, they are never truly broken. Until the last breath of air escapes their lungs, they will never accept that this is all life has to offer them. All they wanted is to finally be free and to be treated as human beings. Douglass does an excellent job in showing the powerful struggle that slaves in his time went through, just to live another day, but still not giving up hope that one day they would be free.
From the day they are born slaves knew they were going
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When Colonel Lloyd’s slaves met Jacob Jysons, they seldom parted without a quarrel about their master. (Douglass 55). Although, they disagreed on who’s master is better, there is one thing that all slaves could agree on, the fact that all they wanted was to be free. Slaves encoded directions to freedom in their songs. Fallow the Drinking Gourd was a tune used to find the way to the north, no matter what season it was. ( ). As a whole one slave could count on another slave to help, no matter what the cost if necessary they would put their own life on the line to help other slaves reach freedom. Douglass is right when he said, we owe something to the slaves south of the line as well as those north of it; and siding the latter on their way to freedom. (Douglass 107). Even though they were given nothing but the clothes on their back and barely enough food to survive, it was enough to give them hope of freedom and when word got back that a slave crossed the line, it encouraged them as a whole that they would have a chance to gain their own

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