Essay On Rural Slavery

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Slavery has been a part of history since the beginning of time. In Africa slavery existed, but as a form of a judicial system. Those who were “slaves” were prisoners of war or those captured during warfare between African territories were used for their skill or trade such as farming and still allowed to marry have children and even own property, debtors or those who could not pay off loans would work until their loans were paid off or offered one of their children as collateral who would eventual marry into the family cancelling all debts between the family’s, and criminals such as thieves who repaid their debt to society through free labor. This was better than locking the individuals in cages at the civilian expense (today’s prison and jail) or killing them off (death penalty). Slavery in Africa was not based upon ethnic or culture differences.
On the contrary life in the Americas or the New world was not as fair and structured. After
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Many rural slaves were worked to death poorly taken care of on the contrary northern colonies had urban slavery where most of slaves were black smiths , domestic workers, shoe shiners and had special trade or handy skills, these slaves were closer to their masters had better clothing some slaves here were even given the opportunity to work for their freedom , start families and depending on how much production the made even given a little land.
Over all the Atlantic slave trade has impacted Africa both politically and socially, the effects of slavery, and racism still play indefinite roles in society today and unfortunately there has been no reimbursement repayment or even an apology for gruesome and cruel acts and the millions of lives

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