Slavery During The New World Essay

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Slave is defined as “A person who is the property of and wholly subject to another.” Others defined the term slave as a person held in slavery as the chattel of another, or one that has no power over a dominating influence. For a very long period of time, more than 400 years, the “New World” has captured and brought more than 12 million Africans by around 40,000 ships to enslave them which is nearly or more than 80 slave every day. The new world has enslaved these people for hundreds of years until many revolutions came by skin color people to stop this slavery. After years of struggles and revolutions, the perspective of persons of color has evolved and changed. This paper will also discuss how slaves were being taken away from their families and how their lives were affected after.

Slavery, the condition of being a servitude and owned as practice or institution. In other words, a slave is the human being who is owned, has no freedom, subjected to the will of another, and deprived of all personal rights. One of the most terrifying occurrences of slavery can be clearly seen throughout the history, is the Slave Trade. During the time of slave trade, human beings were treated as if they are not humans. They were being sold as merchandise, beaten, put to work in hard conditions under the sunlight for hours with no mercy. They were also tortured and drowned in the water. Some of the owners take the slaves to an unknown lands because they got no place for them.


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