David Walker: Slavery In America

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Slavery in America began in the year of 1619 when the first African slaves were brought to the North American colony of Jamestown, Virginia. It was practiced throughout the American colonies in the seventeen and eighteenth centuries and African American slaves helped build the foundation of the new nation with their labor. David Walker was a man of many words. He was born in Wilmington, North Carolina to a mother who was not a slave and a father who was a slave. He studied classics and was educated by the Quakers. David Walker’s Appeal to the Coloured Citizen of the World was one of the most honest, informative anti-slavery documents published. It was published in September of 1829 and caused a great deal or problems because of the level of …show more content…
He was one of the authors of the Declaration of Independence and the third president of the United States. Jefferson inherited slaves from his father and father in law; he owned over two hundred and fifty slaves and almost half of them were under the age of sixteen. Thomas Jefferson had serious contradictory opinions about African Americans because he claimed that he wanted slavery to end, but then again he had hundreds of slaves himself.
The opinions of Thomas Jefferson are a great indication of how most slave masters in American thought about African Americans. Furthermore, Jefferson was even foolish enough to believe that African Americans were made from a different creator. This comment is foolish because the bible does state that we are all one race, which is identified as the human race. This is only one way that Jefferson revealed his opposing thoughts about African Americans, ultimately revealing his true colors. Jefferson obtained unrealistic beliefs, such as skin color, figure, and hair makes blacks a different race than whites. He believed African Americans were a different race based on his opinion on the amount of hair African Americans had on their face and body compared to whites. Jefferson stated that blacks secrete more by the glands of their skin and less by their kidneys; he believes this is the reason why blacks have a different, stronger odor than whites — which
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Thomas Jefferson expresses his rude, ignorant comments about African Americans and I believe David Walker believed that it was his responsibility to make reference to the ignorant things that was being said about African Americans to the African American community. I believe this because Walker stated that if African Americans did not refute the comments that were being said about them then they were simply accepting them. David Walker made sure not to accept the things that were being said about African Americans because of a difference in their skin color. Throughout his book, Walker questioned why did African American endure the racist treatment. He believed that European American such as Jefferson were unjust and unmerciful. On page nineteen of his appeal, David Walker, he stated that European Americans were greedy, jealous, and blood thirsty people who always tried to seek after power and authority; Walker believed that uneducated blacks fell into the “spell” of these power seeking European

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