Slavery And The New World Essay

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Two hundred and Forty Five Years of Slavery in America Colonists in the New World gave birth to a modern form of slavery although it may of not of been their original intention. Within the burgeoning colonies, slavery evolved far beyond what any other people in history had known or established — the enslavement for life of one race. The earliest Africans who landed in Jamestown were treated as indentured servants, meaning that their labor contract specified a fixed term of service to their master. Eventually, however, the legal status of Africans in America evolved into an enslavement system driven by economic demand. It concluded with the systemization of slavery and racial prejudice on a scale unequaled in the Europe from which the colonists had emigrated.
The first introduction of Africans in the Northern colonies was in 1619 in the colony of Virginia. Virginia was an isolated British settlement in the Chesapeake Bay, fairly populated by men trying to make the colony profitable for England. As the winter season came to the settlement hunger, decease and raids by Native Americans devastated the colonists. When a badly damaged Dutch ship came with twenty kidnapped Africans the Dutch traded the kidnapped Africans for food and services. The Africans became indentured servants, similar in legal position to many poor Englishmen who traded several years labor in exchange for passage to America. The colony did not have much hope to be a source of profit for England until…

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