Slavery And Its Effects On Society Essay example

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When many of us think of slavery, we envision power relations that were completely dominated by one side. While this is true in many ways, slaves found many ways to resist the institution of slavery. Just to think of the word resist comes along a number of thoughts, but my first thoughts is to fight against something or someone. When you see the word fight most would think of a physical altercations. While there are many other ways to fight or resist with someone. So when I try to imagine how I would resist with something or someone in this day in time. It would consist of maybe not speaking with someone which may include not answering or returning their phone calls. To not being friends with them to getting into an argument. Or perhaps even just being upset with them to not wanting to help them out. With this in mind, it is even harder to think what all the African Americans had to endured during that timespan. Just think about the type of environment they were already in and being treated like they were. Most lived in fear not to even make a mistake, while some grew out of that fear and started to test the waters to sort of speak. In doing so, some would resist and make life difficult for slave- owners by running away, committing suicide, stealing, and even fighting their masters. While others would refuse to work or stood up for themselves because they were tired of the treatment. The you would have some that would have work as they should. Bringing in slow production.…

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