Essay on Slave Slaves And Slave Relationships

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Slave-owner and Slave Relationships in Antebellum America Slavery was a well-established institution in the Southern parts of the United States during the middle of the 1800’s. The economy of the South was entirely dependent on slavery, and so was social status. Slave ownership was one of the easiest ways for white males to climb the economic and social ladders in southern society. The United States of the middle nineteenth century represents only one of three race-based slave societies in the history of the world (Camp). One interesting aspect of the slave society of the South is the roles of the slave owners and the slaves, and the relationship between the two. The life of the slave-owner was complicated. The slave owner had to be a business manager, a human relations specialist, a psychologist, a behavioral specialist, and a dominant master. One example of the complexities of being a slave owner is James Henry Hammond. Hammond became a slave-owner through the institution of marriage. His new father-in-law owned a large plantation and many slaves in Georgia, and Hammond took over operation of the plantation after getting married. Although he had no experience with slaves, he approached his new position in a systematic way. He realized that he had to run a plantation while also establishing mastery over an already established social order (Faust). He sought advice before taking on his new role and received advice that included being kind to the slaves so that they felt…

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