Sit The Traditional Idea Of The Perfect Wife Essay

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During the time of The Ramayana India 's society was largely patriarchal and women were expected to be perfect wives that were submissive to their husbands (Trautmann, 88). This idea was especially present among castes that were of a higher class, much like the lives that Rama and Sita were born into. Upon first glance it appear as though Sita is nothing more than a product of her time; a young and naive princess that is all too willing to sacrifice everything for her husband and follow the rules of society at the time. While an argument could be made for that, it is important to note that when the text is more closely analyzed, it becomes obvious that there are several instances where Sita breaks from the traditional idea of the perfect wife. Despite the patriarchal and occasionally misogynistic societal structures in ancient India, Sita 's character proves to be an unexpectedly strong feminist icon and challenges this conception through her actions and decision making throughout The Ramayana and Sita 's Ramayana.
Drawing from discussions in class people seemed to view Sita as living only for her husband and basing her life and decisions around him. It would appear that upon an initial reading of the texts that there is some bit of validity to this side of the argument, I originally thought very similarly of her character too. Her willingness to please her husband and do anything in her power to remain by his side is easily viewed as being Sita’s weaknesses and supports…

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