Sir Gorlois Was A Man Of A Wife Essay

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Sir Gorlois was a man in need of a wife, if his mother was to be believed. Lady Anna was quite elderly and in an apparent feeble state, but still managed to harangue her only son, every day, over the necessity of him finding a suitable mate to run his household and care for him.

"I shan 't be long for this world, my son, and I will rest easier knowing that you and the land are well cared for."

Leaning over to kiss his mother 's forehead, Gorlois answered, "Mother, don 't worry yourself so. You will surely live to see me married and to dandle your grandchildren on your knee. I don 't understand why you carry on so, with this talk of death and dying. You are making Serene quite upset," he said, sharing a rueful smile with his mother 's long-suffering maid.

Lady Anna smiled up at her son and, patting his hand, said, "Just promise me, love, that you will not shirk your duties and you will find a wife. I have a feeling she is just around the corner."

A long sigh was the only response as Gorlois once again kissed his mother and left her rooms. Once he was sure she could no longer hear him, he started muttering under his breath, complaining about mothers, wives and duty in general.

He was still talking to himself when his dearest friend, Uther, recently named King of Camelot, called to him from down the hallway. Uther was on a tour of his Kingdom and he and Gorlois had stopped the night at Gorlois ' ancestral home. "Hold up a moment," called Uther as he strode down the hall…

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