Sir Gawain And The Green Knight Essay

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In the third section of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, the audience is swept through stories of the lord’s hunt and the attempted seduction of Gawain by the lord’s lady. What is the purpose of the detailed inclusion of the hunting scenes in the midst of Sir Gawain facing his seductress? Close analysis reveals that attention to the action of the hunt is crucial to our understanding of Gawain’s attempts not to endanger his religious morality, courtious reputation, and very life. Through providing this enlightened understanding of how Gawain is personally endanger, the poet in turn promotes the idea that the protection of personal ideas is central to heroism. On the whole, the juxtaposition of the scenes of hunt and the seduction enlightens the audience about what is at stake for Gawain, promoting the poet’s message that the protection of personal values is central to being a hero.
Moreover, the parallels between the hunt and the attempted seduction reveal Gawain’s personal values which are in danger, demonstrating the poet’s message about heroism. For example, just as the lord and his men hunt animals, so does the lady act as a huntress, with Gawain as her prey. Such is clear when “Men then with mighty bows moved in to shoot” shortly before “The lady, with guile in heart,/ Came early where he lay” (1454-1473). With the notion that the lady is acting guiley as a huntress, one is more prone to notice her tactics in seducing Gawain, and thus what aspects of his values Gawain…

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