Essay on Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is a four-part poem that follows Sir Gawain’s life that leads up to him being more than King Author’s nephew but a knight. Sir Gawain first step into this transformation was him not being afraid to chop off the Green Knight’s head which leads him to a train and began his search for the Green Knight so he can return the favor. Sir Gawain stumbles upon a castle that is not far from where his destination is and the host offers a room for him to rest up before his battle. While Sir Gawain is resting at the house The Host plays a game with him. Anything The host kills on his hunts becomes Sir Gawain and vice versa anything Sir Gawain gets while in the castle he has to give to The Host. The hunts are with a doe than a bore, and the last day a fox. The way the animals act during the hunt parallels with the way The Lady acts around Sir Gawain.
The first day the host goes on a hunt for does. The narrator states “Bucks were allowed to pass by for the lord of the land had laid down a law…” (1155-56). Knowing this knowledge it is evident that the hunt is an easy victory for the host. For, with hunting bucks the hunter has to be aware of the antlers. Does on the other hand, when not trying to protect their young, are very passive creatures so the hunt is not a dangerous at all. The way the host was able to kill all the deer by getting them trapped in a valley. Sir Gawain had to deal with a hunt of his own back at the…

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