Sir Galahad: The First And Bravest Knights Of The Round Table

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“He was the son of Sir Lancelot, who was one of the earliest and bravest Knights of the Round Table and was a close friend of King Arthur. “ Now I don't know about you but if I hear something like this then it makes me think right away if this knight truly deserved his place at the round table and that is what i'll be discussing today. So the first thing you have to know about sir galahad is he was supposed to be the noblest, he was one of the knights that went on the quest for the holy grail, and finally he was brave. It's strange to think that a knight would even want to die especially if he is loved by practically everyone. So let me explain why I believe Sir Galahad deserved his place at the round table.
When I say that Sir Galahad was
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Aside from helping everyone else with this came his bravery. He would fight in fights that had nothing to even do with him just to help people and the truth and downfall about Sir Galahad is that he put his own life before others lives. So when you see that guy on a tv show taking a bullet for someone else well Sir Galahad was the one that would have done that in the medieval times. I said this was also his downfall because if he were to be too foolish then this could have led to his own death but being the brave knight he is it did not matter to him but I see that as a blind side because I would much rather die fighting for myself and or family then some stranger. But for being brave and fighting for all that was right then this would be the second reason I believe that he deserved his spot at the round …show more content…
After pulling a sword from a stone (much like king Arthur did) he was claimed to be one of the greatest knights because on the sword was inscribed that “Only the greatest knight could take it.” and he pulled the sword from the stone with ease. After this he was welcomed into Arthur's court and Arthur realized that Sir Galahad would be the one to find the holy grail because he had sat upon Siege Perilous and the seat did no harm so he was supposed to be the one that would find the holy grail. When the quest started Sir Galahad set out alone but later he met Sir Bors and Sir Percival on his way. So the three knights decided to team up and be on their way on the search for the holy grail. The three knights were later met by Sir Percival’s sister who led them to a ship. The three prepared to embark the ship but Sir Percival’s sister died and Sir Bors was in charge of the burial. So only Sir Galahad and Sir Percival continued their journey for the Grail. When they found the holy grail Sir Galahad beheld it and made a wish to Joseph of Arimathea that he could choose his own time of death and he was granted this wish. On the way back to Arthur's court Sir Galahad had seen lots of experiences and led him to a holy rapture in which he chose to die right then, and legend has it that angels came down from above and carried him to the

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