Single Parent Family Case Study

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Many families today grow up in a single parent homes or with blended families due to parents divorcing or remarrying with and without children from a previous marriage. Many parents try and stay together for the sake of the children to keep a; many try to maintain a positive family environment to keep the family together, but really the parents aren’t happy with staying in the relationship. My friend Mellissa in the other hand grew up in a single parent family home, due to her parents divorcing. When her parents divorced she was around her preschool age, four or five-years-old. She mentioned her reaction to her parents’ divorce was not as memorable as she thought a divorce would be.
In the first place, the relationship started off with constant
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All these factory were crucial to the marriage because each one had an impact on the divorce for example, age at marriage they were both married before they were 25- years-old and both being young at marriage it is big risk factor for divorce. Again, gender was another one because they never met eye-to-eye with each other, the wife had a stronger personality then the husband and thus the arguments came about. In the other hand, income was a huge factor in this relationship because they both worked, but they never agreed on money issues; Mellissa mother tells her that money was one of the roots of the arguments. The money would be spent on useless things that the husband enjoyed instead of pitching in and helping for rent or for the children. Premarital birth was due because the couple had a baby before marriage and only got married because they had their 1st child, which was my friend Mellissa. Education was a risk factor because the husband had a lower education than the wife; the husband never finished high school and the mothers highest education was only high school. Finally, length of marriage was under five years, as soon as they had their second child the husband filed for divorce and walked …show more content…
In the same line of Hetherington’s 6 types of adjustment styles the mother fell in the good enough adjustment because she spoke of the divorce like a husband father never existed, and was a bump on the road according to the lecture slide. The parenting style according to Ahron’s post-divorce parenting style it was dissolved duos because the father left and was gone as soon as my friend’s mother was pregnant with her second child. He became the dead beat father that left the picture. In the same page as types of marriages they had a disengaged marriage because they never met each other on the same

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