Simulation Review: Hcs/405 Essay

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Simulation Review
Janette E. Guevara
August 26, 2013
Todd Brown

Simulation Review I have been brought in as a financial advisor to assist Mr. Gilbert Sanchez, CEO at Elijah Heart Hospital (EHC) to find some cost efficient ways to continue to provide quality care but at the same time reduce costs for the organization. EHC is a hospital that specializes in Cardiac surgeries and procedures. They would like to expand and have a promising growth in patients as well as revenue, but with the decrease in reimbursements from their primary sources of revenue, new strategies to save money are a much needed organization-wide goal. Mr. Sanchez has enlisted the help of my firm, Huber & Guizot to help find a good financial plan and
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The correct option for purchase would be to purchase a refurbished machine. It is the more cost efficient option and this type if technology does not change to often. The life of a CT scanner is around 10 years and so we will have about 5 good years out of this machine. The next machine would be an X-ray machine. With this particular machine I chose to buy refurbished. I thought that because it is such an old form of technology and inexpensive it would be best to purchase refurbished. The best option for our organization is a capital lease. After our ease is up we have the option to buy the equipment at a low discounted rate and this machine has a life expectancy of 15 years. So, even if we pay a little more in the beginning we will own the equipment outright for most of its life. The last piece of equipment is the ultrasound machine. I have chosen the correct option this time! I have chosen for an operating lease. This option will cost us a little more but with the technologies constantly changing we can upgrade our lease to fit out needs while still providing the latest ultrasound technologies for our patients. After implementing and completing the first two phases, EHC is doing very well and now has the option to expand. The hospital has announced its $75 million plan to expand. This expansion will include women’s services, a new heart hospital, 100 private patient rooms and much more. I have chosen the HUD 242 Insurance

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