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Brittany Giannini



Section 014

(Simulation Analysis Report)

BIC is a product that has been extremely successful, offering items such as a low-cost disposable razor, and pens that add value to the user at an affordable price. BIC uses a strategy similar to the Niche Cost Leader Strategy. The Niche Cost Leader Strategy puts the main focus on positioning a product at an affordable price while still presenting value to its customers. My reasoning for using this strategy is that my products will be extremely useful and beneficial to its consumers; products like BIC and McDonalds are in extreme demand with the situation of today’s economy. To maintain this strategy, I will keep the costs that go into the
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These decisions will be carefully determined during the next round decisions based off of what my results are from the previous round. Since finance has been somewhat of a struggle for me, I will consult with other teammates, and my TA to come up with decisions that will best suit Erie. I am well on my way to turning Erie into a successful company. After obtaining a clear view of our strategy and incorporating that more into the decisions, I will see positive effects in the performance of the product lines. A major focuses will be to move my products into the low end and traditional segments, and out of high end, size, and performance. Once I accomplish this, I will introduce a new product in the traditional segment. This will add to the company and have a positive effect. I also want to focus on Production and be sure that my decisions are correlated with the strategy. Completing this will ensure that I have enough inventory on hand and that I do not over or underestimate the sales forecasts; saving the company money. My last main concern is Finance. Finance is my weakest section right now, and I will be sure that I spend extra time with stocks, bonds, dividends, and debt. After I have everything where it should be, I will begin to focus on TQM, marketing, and human resources. Capsim is a learning process; one that I am beginning to find extremely interesting and

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