Similarities Of Capitalism And Capitalism

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The ideas of certain political and economic systems can be very different. Some societies are very left wing, which is very government heavy and and focus on building a community that has very strong ethics and creating equality for all of the people, whatever religion or gender, and right wing society, which focuses on being self-reliant and supporting free trade. The differing systems of Socialism, Communism and Capitalism, two very left wing systems and Capitalism being a right wing society are very different and all produce different results. However, the role each system has played in the history of the world has shaped the way that countries run today. Socialism, a political system aimed the goal of common ownership for all. A system …show more content…
What differs between Communism and Socialism is that Communism is more a political system, and socialism is more an economic system. Communism has an idea that is similar to Socialism. Communism tries to enforce the idea that all people are the same, so everyone should have them same things. The government owns all the property, all means of producing goods and people only work for producing items for the good of society and for the government. Private ownership is abolished, and the idea of ownership is replaced with an idea called usership. In a Communist society, each gender is completely equal allowing either gender to do any job that had to be done for the government. All class divisions are eliminated, as the goal of Communism is to make sure that all people are equal. Everybody receives the same amount of food, water, and supplies. This is driven by the idea that people have free access to the food, water, and tools that they need for production or use. This is supposed to be run by having technology that allows for super abundance of items for consumption or use, but this is not usually the case, as Communist societies need hard workers to produce a super abundance of supplies, and no benefit exists to work harder than another citizen. Communism in practice has not been very successful, as the idea of Communist society fails to human nature. People will not work harder if no benefit is in place for working harder (“Communism”). Communism in practice has had some interesting results. Countries such as Russia, China, and the modern North Korea practiced Communist ideals. Communist Russia had catastrophic results. Run by the powerful Joseph Stalin, he killed 40 million people in has 30 year reign of power. Communist Russia and Joseph

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