Essay on Similarities Between The And Japanese Masks

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´´ A mask expresses at the same time the maximum of life and the maximum of death; it partakes of the visible and of the invisible, of the apparent and absolute, ´´ said Barrault (1961: 77), however, what is a mask, what is the maximum of life, death, the invisible and visible ? To a great extent, I agree with the statement, but as Shujoy Chowdhury claimed, “behind every "Truth" there is always a "Lie". Evaluating contrasting masks like the Japanese Noh Masks, Neutral masks or African masks will give us major knowledge of what the maximum of death, life, visible, invisible, apparent and absolute is. I choose especially that three masks for the reason that in them I distinguish the two extremes (African and Japanese masks) balanced by the Neutral. We have contrasting masks and contradictory concepts, but can the covering for the face express two maximum contrast abstractions like the death and the life simultaneously ?

Initiating with the African Masks, ´´ they are used in religious and social events to represent the spirits of ancestors or to control the good and evil forces in the community ´´ (ArtyFactory, The function of an African mask, 2016). We can find the perfect example of the Dogon entity situated in Western Africa, Mali (Van Beek et al. 2011). They represent both the maximum of death, life, the invisible and visible in a “masquerade dances that essentially leads the souls of the departed to their final resting places through a series of ritual dances and rites.…

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