Similarities Between Seven Brothers And Ghosts Essays

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Despite the differences in plot structure between both Seven Brothers and Ghosts, we are portrayed with a few striking similarities between the social classes of the characters in both pieces of literature. In particular, the characters show a similar ‘restlessness’ amongst the social structure in which they stand. Furthermore, these characters seek to be in a class other than their own as the lower class tend to admire the upper class, while the upper class tend to admire the classes below them. Regardless, it’s clear that both of these plots provide a clear definition of “restlessness” amongst social class structure. In Seven Brothers, social status amongst the Jukola brothers is nearly absent. The brothers choose not to join a social class because they would rather be ostracized and separated from civilization. Hence, this is one of the reasons they choose to abandon their normal lives and escape from the societal norm. Once they escaped their family farm and fled to the wilderness, they no longer belonged to their previous society, so they decided to form their own community with individualized values. Overtime, the brothers bonded together like never before without the pressure inflicted from their previous society. This new life they lived was free of argument amongst the brothers, which was beneficial towards the brothers’ relationships. If, however, we had to categorize the brothers into one specific social class, it would likely be the lower class since they were…

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