Similarities Between Hinduism And Buddhism Essays

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From the content of the course, we can know that both of Hinduism and Buddhism are originated in the ancient India. However, the central concept of these two religions are totally different, or even is a dichotomy.
Hindus believe that “atman”, the inner-self or soul of every individual living being, is the microcosm of the ultimate reality in universe, “Brahman”. Each inner-self not only comes from Brahman, but also the manifestation of Brahman. “Atman is Brahman”, refers to that there is no distinction between our self and the primal reality. What’s more, our Atman will keep cycling in “Samsara”, the reincarnation, before we achieve Moksha, a state of emancipation, liberation from Samsara and the final goal of Hindu religious. In order to achieve Moksha, we can only go through direct experience and understanding that “Atman is Brahman”.
In the contrast, Buddhists maintain that “An-atman”, the opposite of Atman, means “non-self”. There is not eternal existence within human beings. All of us are only bundles of mental and physical things, but no continuous person. The essences of things do not depend on outward stuff. In conclusion, there is no substantial difference between one and another. Moreover, the ultimate goal of Buddhism is “Nirvana”, a state of wakefulness, peace, joy and perfect health. To achieve the Nirvana, the human being should follow the noble eightfold path to end the suffering.
Funnily enough, even these two hypotheses are contrary to each other in the…

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