Essay on Similarities Between Christianity And Christianity

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Early Judaism and Christianity have many differences that make them unique and separate entities, yet they are similar as well. Both societies faced war, persecution, and famine. Another commonality between these nations is the acceptance of slavery. At the time of Israelite culture and early Christianity, slavery was normally accepted. However, both churches had different nuances that make them different, many of which revolve around Christ. These differences can be seen in the versions of slavery in the Old Testament, New Testament, and the epistles of Paul. In the books of Micah, Luke, and Ephesians, slavery is portrayed in different ways, with Micah against slavery and Luke and Paul more for slavery, which is important because it affects the portrayal of Christ and his relationship with his people as well. In the book of Micah, slavery creates an interesting lens to see Christ through. Unlike what one might think, this book shows slavery as an oppressive action and bad. This is unlike some of the Old Testament, but this viewpoint is understandable. Slavery in ancient Israelite time was brutal. Slaves were not treated well, and many looked down upon it. According to Shimon Bakon, “One can infer that in the Jewish tradition…servitude was looked upon with much repugnance…why was it not done away with altogether?...servitude was offered as a solution for one who was unable to pay his debts, as an alternative to beggary or imprisonment” (Bakon 90). Therefore, slavery at the…

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