Similarities And Differences Between Ancient Egypt And Ancient Greece

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slaves they owned since the poor could not afford slaves. Thus, it seems that these great civilizations lived different from one another. Despite their differences in lifestyles, one comparable attribute of Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt would be their religion. Both civilizations practiced a polytheistic religion which meant they believed in more than one god. Ancient Egypt was ruled by pharaohs. Pharaohs were the highest level in the Egyptian society and were considered close to the gods. Egypt’s version of polytheism would be considered Anthropomorphic Polytheism. In its later years Egypt was introduced to the worship of Aten (god of the sun disk) as the only god by Amenhotep the fourth, however, this attempt failed. The Greeks also believed that their king was closest to god. Greece had the basic …show more content…
Due to the location of these two places they experienced different natural factors and developed divers lifestyles and forms of government. Even though the differences are great they inevitably have similarities such as religion and being great powers during their reign. Both societies culture have a great impact on us today as there is no denying that they accomplished a numerous amount of things. For example, Greece experienced expansion overseas, technological improvements, increase in democracy and the creation of Greek dramas. In comparison, the Ancient Egyptians had a surplus of food, improved trade, better transportation and communication, and construction of architecture such as the pyramids. Although both civilizations could not reign forever. Eventually, bout saw their end until they were restored to the glorious places we know now. Egyptians and Greeks come from a long line of struggles, conquests, and accomplishments. It is safe to say that being in different locations did not hinder both these civilizations from emerging and staying great

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