Significant Major Influences Through Art Essay

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Significant Major Influences through Art Over the years, art has been a factor of cultural influence through trade routes and systems between cities. Many artifacts have been traded, gifted and found in countries that relate to similar works in another. In Ancient China, the first of Buddhists receptacles have dated back to the late fourth century, and in about three centuries later, the same relics have been found in Korea. These receptacles are Buddhist Reliquaries, or more specifically Sarira caskets which are “relics of the historical Buddha.” (Herzog, Royal Ontario Museum Site). Buddhist Reliquaries from China, that have influenced Korea, demonstrate the important use of art and trade to impact art styles, form new religious systems and create intimate relations between countries. The discovery of these artifacts ultimately defines the close connection between the two countries and their respective development of religious order and art. Buddhism arrived in Korea in the fourth century during the Three Kingdoms period, “the first major art period of Korean art” (Korean Art, Britannica), when the peninsula was ruled by three monarchies. The religion had a major effect on Korea’s art, through the transfer of art pieces, “inspiring inventions such as woodblock printing and moveable metal type as well as a number of monuments, sculpture painting, metal works and ceramics.” (Chang, Jackson 187). The Sarira reliquary, which originated in India, were “made to enshrine the…

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