Sign Language : A Form Of Communication Essay

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Sign language is a form of communication that involves the practice of one’s hands instead of their vocal cords. Since nurslings are unable to use their vocal cords to produce words as quickly as they can control their hand’s individuals have started to teach their children how to sign. Though they can control their hand movements they still lack total control resulting in them not using full sign language such as American Sign Language but instead learning a modified version that is usually called baby sign. Consequentially learning baby sign a nursling is able to communicate with their caregivers, helps them to not be as angry due to lack of communication, and can help in future learning of other skills.
Around 2000 there started a trend, new mothers were teaching their young children “baby sign.” Other moms told them they could teach their infants and toddlers, certain signs, such as “milk”, “diaper”, “juice”, etc., and would be able to communicate with their children. When introducing her book Baby Sign Language Basics, Montra Briant says “I was also intrigued by the idea of being able to communicate with my baby before she could talk – what would she say?” (2009, p. ix) The concept of gesture communication made many parents delighted that during the time when their child is unable verbalizing would be with fewer tantrums and tears. Baby Sign Language helps children who have yet to learn their expressive language develop yet communicate, reduce aggressive behavior, and…

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