Shrek : A Sense Of Realism Essay

1093 Words Sep 25th, 2015 5 Pages
As a satire the movie, Shrek is extremely enchanting and successfully adds a sense of realism to the “fairy-tale” characters that we have all come to know and love. This realism created by the film flips the way the audience perceives each character. Though due to its animation it may be hard for one to simply accept all that is happening, but Shrek has the ability to encapsulate the viewer and place them on an adventure into the land of faerie, up until the end of the movie when the viewer returns to the primary world. Along with the sense of realness created by the movie, it is easy to identify one-self which the prominent characters found throughout the movie. For example, Shrek is the protagonist of the movie, but he is also an outcast. Throughout the movie Shrek goes on a journey to find the one thing he finds comfort in, solitude, something that everyone in the primary world has at one point in his or her life experienced. Throughout this journey Shrek learns to tolerate the dim-witted yet loyal Donkey, and falls in love with the elusive princess, Fiona. Once again bringing in a sense of connection to the characters of the movie whilst also servicing as a beacon of hope for the people whom see themselves in the characters. Finally, at the end of the movie we have the dragon, which functions as a deus ex machina, preventing a “catastrophe” which most likely would have ended up being the death of Shrek as well as the re-imprisonment of the princess in her prison-like…

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