Essay about Should We Pursue Prenatal Engineering?

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A designer baby use to just be a futuristic idea like flying cars, but now it is becoming a reality. Science has got so advance we are on the revenge of knowing how to genetically modified an embryo and make is into what we want. Parents will soon be able to decide what they want their child to be like. They can make them tall, skinny, and smart if they wanted to. This is called prenatal engineering. By way of prenatal engineering parents can create the baby of their dreams. Thing about prenatal engineering is not all sunshine and rainbows. There also a downside to using prenatal engineering, and we as a people have to decide if it is worth it.
The question is should we continue to pursue prenatal engineering? Is genetically modifying our children a good thing or a bad thing? In my eyes there are more cons than pros. I feel that we should not pursue prenatal engineering because it is not completely safe and some babies lives can be lost in the process. Only a certain group of people will be able to afford it, and it will create a greater division between us as humans. How long will it be before babies start to be the new accessory.
The big question we should all ask when thinking about prenatal engineering is, is this safe for our children? How many babies lives will be lost due to prenatal engineering? There are alway risk factors. We are not sure what those risk factors are just yet because this is something new. Scientist have already began genetically modifying animals…

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