Should The Spanish Conquistadores Be Blamed For The Cruelties And The Deaths?

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Should the Spanish conquistadores be especially blamed for the cruelties and the deaths (including those by disease) inflicted on the original Indian population of the Americas? Is it possible to make such criticisms without falling into the traditional English fallacies of black legend?
They should take a large amount of the blame since they participated so heavily in the genocide of the Native Americans and death of civilizations. Although, they were many other nations and people who caused the death of Native Americans so, to avoid falling in to the fallacies of black legend, it is essential to acknowledge this and go into depth about all those that played a role in the demise of the Native American population.
What is the long term significance for Latin America of the immorality achieved by the conquistadores through intermarriage with Indian women?
The long term significance of Latin America of the conquistadores immorality regarding intermarriage with Indian women is the birth of a new race and consequently the start of a new culture. It was the point when the two cultures began to take elements of each culture and shape a completely new one. Although the beginning was shameful and needs to be taught through the generations so that it is not repeated in the future.
Chapter 2-The planting of English America, 1500-1733
Focus Questions:
What international events and domestic changes prompted England to begin colonization?
The events that prompted England to begin…

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