Should Student Loan Debt Be A Major Problem? Essays

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As I was thinking about college student problems for my Proposing a Solution Essay, I realized that student loan debt has become a major problem. In order to afford their education, students consume overwhelmingly large amounts of loans. At the end, loan debt becomes a burden on them as they compelled to make payments after graduating and suffer from a lifelong marriage to loan debt and potential financial hardship. Due to this setback, it is hard not to wonder if college is even worth it. At the end, is it just another problem a person endure?
The problem of the consumption of student loans may not be fixed as a whole since it may be a necessity for almost all students. Unless they come from a rich family or earned a full ride to college, loans is the answer. Although this is the case, reducing loan debt can solve an important portion of this problem since it majorly affects people’s lives after college. This problem is very relatable to many, including myself. It is important for students to know early on their education how to reduce their loans so that they can plan ahead before they graduate.
As I think about the causes of student loan debts, I can identify that the government does not provide enough grants and support for postsecondary education even though they gain benefits from income tax revenue from college students. It does not keep up with the rising of the costs and expenses of colleges. To further emphasize my point, I will look up the statistics the…

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