Should Society Protect The Unborn Fetus? Essay

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Abortion is the willful termination and removal of a fetus inside of a woman’s body, usually before 20 weeks. It is often debated whether or not it is morally right. The questions to consider are these: Should society protect the women who wish not to be mothers? Or should society protect the unborn fetuses? In my own opinion, abortion should be legal because it should be the woman’s choice what she does with her body. Abortion has been practiced in the United States since the first settlers came to the New World. In the time of the creation of the Constitution, abortion was advertised to the public and practiced to the point of normalcy. Early abortions were extremely dangerous and risky due to the lack of knowledge and experience of the unprofessional people who were performing the procedures. During the 1800’s, people began to see reasons why abortion should be illegal and this is when laws came into place in various locations around the United States to prevent abortions from being performed. People thought it was wrong to kill a baby even in it’s early stages and they believed it was not what their God would want. These laws did not keep many unprepared and desperate women from trying to get abortions. Before the supreme court case Roe v. Wade, there were an estimated 1.2 million women per year that had illegal abortions practiced on them and many of them were severely harmed or even killed by the procedure. (History) If abortions were legal and regularly practiced…

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