Essay on Should Sex Education Be Taught?

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Over the years there has been a huge dispute across the country about whether to teach students about contraceptives or to teach them about abstinence only. The reason for this is that people cannot determine which option will bring the most benefits to the students. Abstinence-only education focuses on teaching students how to abstain from any type of sexual activity until after marriage. However, sex education courses focus on teaching the students how to use different contraceptive methods to protect themselves from sexually transmitted infections and diseases. Both methods of education teach students positive ways to deal with sexual intercourse, but no one can seem to agree on a compromise between the two methods. I will first further describe what sex education entails.
One of the first subject that most people inquire about is how much funding sex education receives. “For the past twenty-five years, sex education programs have received more than double the funding that abstinence education programs have received,”(Huber 2). Another important topic that many people inquire about when deciding which type of education they want for their students are the benefits of sex education programs. The most prominent benefit of sex education is learning how to use different types of contraceptives to protect the body from sexually transmitted infections and diseases. Knowing how to use contraceptives is identified as being beneficial since it helps prevent the body from…

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