Should People Treat Bystander Effect As A Cultural Behavior? Essay

1447 Words Nov 11th, 2015 6 Pages
If you see someone in danger, of course you will step forward to help the person right? I wish this was true for everyone, but that is not the reality that our society behave. According to Kendra Cherry, “Additional experiments by Latane and Rodin (1969) found that while 70 percent would help a woman in distress when they were the only witness, only about 40 percent offered assistance when other people were also present.” Which means that only two third of the population would help if they were by themselves and if someone else would be there the number would decrease 30 percent. People treat Bystander Effect as a cultural behavior, but it is actually a huge societal issue that America and others countries face day by day. Presence of other people causes a diffusion of responsibility. This means people in a crowd do not like to take full responsibility for taking an action due to the fact they think someone is going to do it first, but at the end everybody thinks the same way and nobody stepped forward. Picture in your mind the scene of someone being clearly abused in the middle of the street. You will probably notice that the first action people around take, it would be picking up their phones and start recording the situation to post on some sort of social media in order to gain “likes”, also they will post a caption criticizing the situation, saying that the society is a mess and nobody does anything to help in which actually the person who recorded also did not do…

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