Essay about Should Minimum Wage Be Raised?

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Should Minimum Wage In The U.S Be Raised?

The question of whether or not minimum wage should be raised in the U.S has been an ongoing debate among the general population for a while, but especially in the recent years. The minimum wage federally in America right now is $7.25 and has been since 2009. Many people debate on very opposite ends of the spectrum, most people are either really set on raising the wage, or completely against it. With the worst recession in a generation still being felt across the nation, raising the minimum wage is an important strategy for doing both and should be part of an economic recovery agenda. There are many opinions on this subject, but with all things considered minimum wage should be raised. What is minimum wage? Minimum wage is the lowest wage legally permitted by law or by a special agreement. Around 47 million Americans live in poverty, and one of the main reasons is the decline in the minimum wage, the fact that it has stayed the same for so many years and not increased. The annual salary for a full time worker that makes minimum wage and works full time is around $15,080. With that being said, the average cost of just housing in 2009 was almost $17,000 in America ( Housing doesn’t include food, clothing, or other necessities needed for living like transportation and healthcare, but only rent or mortgage. The cost of living even for a family of two is way beyond what a person making…

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