Essay about Should Mental Illness Be A Mental Disorder?

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Statistics say that “57.7 million people have a mental disorder”. This is a staggering number in terms of an issue that some don’t consider as an epidemic. Mental illness has been around longer than most people realize. There has been ways to “treat” this disease, but the most recent and most common one is medication. This medication is sometimes not given due to insurance policies, lack of knowledge, and the fact many may not realize they are sick. Non-Medicated treatments can benefit people who are mentally ill due to less risk and side effects, people know who and why they work, and they cost less due to not doing it every day like medication.
The start of medication for a mental illness started in 1930. Until this point there was only the experimentation with people that most of the time lead to death. There were some therapies that came about, but people found electroshock therapy can cause more harm than good. The idea that mental illness is a made-up thing goes to the idea of anosognosia. Some people do not receive help because they believe they are not really sick.
Medication is the main treatment for mental illness, but may not be the best option. The medication has a high risk for organ problems like heart and liver malfunctions. Like all medication they come with a list of side effects. Some medications can be riskier than others just because of the possible side effects. Medication can be expensive due to having to take it every day, and the high price of pills…

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