Should Medical Professional Athletes Be Involved? Essay

2064 Words Nov 30th, 2016 9 Pages
The issue I want to talk about is whether or not medical professional especially doctors should be involved in the execution of prisoners. This paper does not evaluate whether or not lethal injection should happen but whether or not professionals should be involved. Before even writing this paper my current stance is that medical professionals should be involved. But my stance is not backed by any true fact but just a gut feeling. The importance of this issue falls within the practical issue within the medical practice mostly trust and how much we value giving rights to prisoners at the end of their life. While looking at the issue at hand we will examine whether it breaks basic medical ethics, whether it violates the Hippocratic oath, whether it makes people lose trust in their doctors and whether having them involved actually changes anything. Those are some of the arguments that my opposition will bring up and try to use against my stance. We will also will be looking at the true amount of advanced knowledge needed to understand the drugs involved, the previous complication and whether by having doctors involved allows them to suffer less. By looking at both sides through an ethical student 's eyes we, the readers and I, can look at the importance of this issue. To support my stance I will bring up the need for advanced degrees to perform it, the previous complication including John Wayne Gacy 's, and how we, as medical professional should always look for the least…

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