Should Felons Be Allowed? Essay

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Currently, 38 out of 50 states allow felons to vote in the United States. It 's been a debate going on for years and centuries about having criminals to vote. Some people say that felons should not be able to vote because of their background. They have done something illegal to hurt the community and people do not know if they can be trusted with the right to vote. Other people disagree with this thought. These supporters believe that everyone deserve a second chance. All felons are not harming the community. Although Americans are granted the right to vote, felons should be allowed to vote in Presidential elections.
One reason why felons should be allowed to vote is because it can help with the rehabilitation process . The rehabilitation helps the community by strengthening its voting base. When felons get out of jail, they want to become a productive member of society and stay out of trouble. Also, felons that have been through rough times need to be able to participate in the community. They need the attention to know that the community still cares about them. A study in Minnesota showed that felons who’ve voted in previous elections had a lower risk of committing a crime and it affects race and criminal history. So, to use the words of evangelist Chuck Colson, opening up our voting to ex-convicts is in society’s “...enlightened self-interest” ( “Why Should Felons Vote”).
This statement shows that there is actually data that felons who voted improve since being behind…

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