Should Federalism Be A Possible Resurgence For American Federalism?

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Prompt: Construct and develop your commentary using the assigned reading provided to you on authored by Dr. Michael Greve. “The AEI Federalism Project” is a program established by the American Enterprise Institute to provide a forum for the discussion of American Federalism. Your work should be an original interpretation of the content of the article and will address and answer the following: Develop an explanation for the principle of federalism, Address the concept of competitive federalism, Explain how federalism empowers citizens, Illustrate how federalism replicates private economic principles, Describe how mobility and choice relate to federalism, Discuss how federalism addresses the concerns of centralization, Provide an examination of the advantages of federalism; explain or illustrate the disadvantages of this system, and Develop an explanation for the three major factors that are mobilizing a possible resurgence for American federalism.
American Federalism The principals of Federalism are based on the delegation of power between the Federal Government and the State Government. Federalism, has been around longer than the Constitution itself, and one of the first forms of Government America had formed in an attempt to keep order and peace among the states. Principals of Federalism focus around the centralization of key powers for the Federal Government and powers for the State Government. However, power has started to shift among the powers between the States and…

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