Should Drug Testing Be Mandatory For Welfare Recipients? Essay

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Welfare Recipients Drug Testing
Should it be mandatory for welfare recipients to be drug tested? This is one of the questions that is being asked all over the country. Many are concerned about whether or not it will cost more or save the government money by taking the drug addicts off welfare programs and giving them to people who really need the benefits. While many believe it is okay to drug test welfare recipients, others feel that drug testing is wrong because they consider it discrimination toward the poor people. Until recently, this drug testing has been ignored and in some cases even taken out of some states’ welfare systems. Jackie Borchardt in his article, “Welfare Drug Proposal Continues to be Debated,” says that drug testing welfare recipients has been in the proposal stage for more than a year with no acknowledgement until recently.
Many who argue that drug testing should be mandatory say that many jobs require drug testing, that there is a higher percentage of drug abuse among those with lower economic status, and that many recipients sell their stamps for money to spend on drugs. Eric Russell in the Bangor Daily News explains that Maine’s Governor, Paul LePage, doesn’t think it’s unreasonable to ask welfare recipients to do what all drivers of 18-wheelers must do before they are allowed to start driving. He feels the government should randomly drug test any and all welfare recipients before they receive their welfare benefits. But Robyn Merrill, Maine Equal…

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