Should Alternative Agriculture Be The Most Plausible Solution?

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Beekeepers are reporting alarming statistics regarding the deaths of multiple bee hives and scientists, researchers, and the public are concerned. Since 2006 beekeepers have seen an average decline of 33% of bees in colonies each year. Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is the official name of the bee-killing disease, and this problem will significantly affect the economy and agriculture of the U.S. “About one mouthful in three of our diet directly or indirectly benefits from honeybee population.”(US Department of Agriculture 2015) There are multiple factors contributing to CCD and many scientists everywhere are trying to find an answer to the problem of decreasing honey bee populations. There is no forgetting a simple solution; going back to the basics of organically managed beehives to cut out all factors of possible CCD. What could be causing CCD, what are some possible solutions, and why would alternative agriculture be the most plausible solution? CCD is believed to be quite convoluted and as a result, tie into many different factors. A particular study assessed 61 factors, and found that not one single stressor stood out as the primary cause of CCD. That being said, colonies affected by CCD had many more pathogens and types of pathogen than colonies without CCD (Pathogens are disease causing organisms). An association of stake holders gathered in 2012, of which had mutually agreed upon, that a complex group of stressors and pathogens are associated with CCD. (Sagili…

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