Should All Schools Adopt More Sex Education? Essay

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Although These classes show a lot of improvement in having great results because they can teach the students about teen pregnancy and reduce these statistics However these classes have a lot of potential because they can teach the students things like reducing teen pregnancy ,Reduced disease like HIV/AIDS, Understanding that it’s a struggle having a kid while still being in school,and lastly debunking myths sexual references . Should all schools adopt more sex education classes in schools ? Schools are reconsidering of adopting more sex educational classes in all schools mostly in high schools because kids mostly in high schools are making wrong decisions and being sexually active without the right knowledge about situation so that is why more schools are trying to have these type of classes. People believe more sex education classes can decrease sexual risk like teen pregnancy and reduce HIV/AIDS ( “Pro and Cons of Sex Education in School”) For example Smith argues that if more of these classes were taught in more schools teen pregnancy rates would drop (Smith) Yes , there are a lot of teens in exposure of teen pregnancy because they are curious or just pressured into doing stuff and they do not know the risks . ( “Pro and Cons of sSex Education in School”) However some students can’t take the classes because they have religious beliefs in their households ( “Pro and Cons of Sex Education in School”) Parents that agree that schools should have more of…

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