Short Summary: Christmas Holidays In Kansur

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D ecember is a month of at most importance for me. The pleasant cold weather, end of the year, my birthday ……there are indeed many reasons .The season has always offered energy, hope and a lot for me. But what makes this season most auspicious is nothing but Christmas! These are the days that everyone would love to be at home. These are the days that offer you a lot, especially when you are in Kannur. The day marks the birth of Lord Jesus. The season is characterised by a lot of merrymaking and sharing.

Like Onam, - official festival of Kerala- Christmas too imparts a festive theme to the streets of Kannur. Glittering Christmas stars hanging in front of shops welcomes the christmas season in Kannur. As days advance,
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Come Christmas Eve, cribs of various sizes along with splendid Christmas trees –a comparatively new addition add up a serene beauty to the homes. In certain Parishes in Kannur, crib making is a competition; in these areas, beauty and technical skills behind some cribs will blow your mind. As the Christmas evening arrives, carol teams visit each household with melodious carol songs and greetings adding mirth to their Christmas celebrations. There are different sets of carol teams with a witty guy dressed up as Santa Claus with a white long beard and the bright long red gown covering a made up pot belly. Since it is a decent way to make enough money for their Christmas celebrations along with a jolly evening of singing, dancing, and a bit of troubling the neighbourhood for money, usually teenagers of the locality lead these carol team with drums and other instruments either rented or provided by parish. By late night Carol teams visit all houses, and everyone will move to Churches for holy night …show more content…
The 25th is a day dedicated for food and visits. People visit friends and relatives and stock the refrigerators with a variety of Christmas cakes. A type of fruit cakes, called Plum cake are most common among them. A Christmas lunch or dinner at a Christian home is one that you should never miss. Spicy flavours made of chicken, pork, beef and fish along with a variety of rice dishes and traditional appams , cakes offers a fantastic taste combination beyond description . In some areas you can find home-made grape wines or bell fruit wines .It’s a self-sustaining tradition that many Christians follow. Apart from adding a new flavour to Christmas dinner, they are organic and one hundred percent healthy. If I go on about local Christmas cuisines, It would be difficult for me to limit the words. The joyous season of Christmas ushers in hope and a festive mood to the people of Kannur.

These are the days I always love to spend in my native place, Kannur. Apart from all the described jolly, a lot of charity works as well as good-will acts are carried out during Christmas. Many organisations conduct Christmas celebrations in orphanages and other economically deprived areas. In the leadership of Bishop Christmas message was delivered in Central Prison. Apart from Kannur, similar thing happens in all part of Kerala. Maybe the communal unity to celebrate every festival and to let your neighbour celebrate them makes Kerala deserving of the title ‘Gods

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