Short Story : ' The Webs Of Sympathy ' Essay examples

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Stuck in the Webs of Sympathy Many beautiful family memories are captured in heart-warming photos of children playing in the sand at the beach, crazy uncles making silly faces at the camera, or Grandma embracing her beloved grandchildren. These memories are supposed to make the entire family laugh and recall the bright moments. Sitting on the couch recalling memories from photos with my family is not an experience like so. It is rather a tear jerking, dark recollection of events that shredded our lives apart. Some of the most vivid memories of my grandfather were captured on camera within his last six painful, agonizing months. As humans, we never want to accept that those we love will die, even if we are specifically told it will happen soon. Death grabs its victim by its sharp, gleaming hook and pulls the loved ones into a hole that seems impossible to dig out of. Death sent my family into a state of panic as my grandfather entered hospice in September of 2014. My grandfather was a man of brutal honesty and harsh words, making it quite challenging to create special memories. Seeking to create some memories that could be treasured, we decided to take family photos. In this image, my grandfather stands tall in the center and is surrounded by our family. My aunt, pregnant at the time, stands by his side with her head on his shoulder and my grandmother looking up at him and smiling. Though we stand tall and appear to be an untroubled, pleasant family, pure fear and…

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