Short Story : ' Invisible Hand ' Essay

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The next week Miss Bessie stayed close to home to watch James before and after school, so Nell cared for her mama with help from her Oystershucker friends. Everyone took precautions, and to their great relief the truck of angry drunks didn’t resurface. Nell and Emma got word to the Jasper house that they would accept their invitation and planned to stop by after Sunday dinner. The news of Nell’s break-up with Asa spread quickly, and Nell felt Sylvia Davis’ invisible hand as she went about her business in town. Business fell off at her father’s store and on her way to work on Thursday, Evelyn Clyde Johnson made a point of looking the other way when Nell waved to her. Once she arrived at her father’s business, she found a shipment of galvanized tin buckets. She decided to arrange them in a pyramid display on the sidewalk in front of the store. At midmorning, she was organizing several bins of loose hardware, when Buddy Taylor came bobbing into the store in his splay-footed gait. “Hey there, Buddy,” said Nell with some surprise. “Well, aren’t you a sight for sore eyes,” the little man said taking in her appearance from stem to stern. “Thanks, Buddy, I could use some sweet talk right about now.” “I heard about you and Asa. I wish I could say I’m sorry.” Nell laughed softly. “You never give up, do ya?” “Not a chance.” He looked around the store as if he were searching for something. “Have you got your body guard with you today?” “Body guard?” “The big hunky guy.…

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