Short Story: Curved Paths

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Curved Paths Life is full of ups, downs, and sideways. God has a plan for all of us. Learning to follow his path can be difficult, especially when we're tangled in selfishness and pressure. Emma Faye knew this all too well. One by one, Emma squeezed her oversized toes into the confinement of her red slippers. She sat up from the comfort of her bed sheets and slipped a silk robe over her muscular shoulders. Drowsily treading through the narrow hall, the familiar scent of coffee and fresh pancakes filled her nostrils. The morning news anchor's voice boomed throughout the house, sounding much to energetic for the time of day. "Mornin' kiddo," Mr. Faye …show more content…
She eyed her reflection through the fingerprints covering the glass. With her face dimly lit by the bright lights around the mirror, she began to apply a thin layer of foundation to her pale cheeks. Emma planned on attending her first Halloween party since she started high school. She slipped into her much too revealing cat costume, specially picked by her new best friend Gabby. Emma's family had warned her that Gabby was a bad influence. But, ever since Emma's closest friend from kindergarten, Garret, moved to Arizona last summer, Emma felt empty. She was lost in her loneliness. When she met Gabby in homework club, Emma finally felt like she had a guide. Gabby had a rebellious nature. She spent her spare hours causing trouble in stores, homes and school. If a rule was made, Gabby had to break it. Emma soon began to fall into Gabby's path, earning herself more and more detention slips. This year, Gabby was hosting the annual freshman Halloween party. The ring of the doorbell resonated throughout the house. The twins raced down the spiral staircase to the door. Balancing on her tiptoes, Izzy peeked though the window and recognized a familiar …show more content…
Her bruised hand brushed against the wool blanket covering her body. Her tangled hair encircled the hollow indentation on the pillow formed by the weight of her head. Judging by the unforgettable feeling of tight wool rubbing against Emma’s frail skin, she knew that she was sporting a hospital gown. Emma’s eyes fluttered open like a butterfly, but nothing was visible. Emma panicked. She could just barely decipher blurred lights and shadows. It seemed as if her vision was obscured by a thick curtain. Confused, Emma squeezed her eyes tight, and rubbed them with her clammy hands. By now, her body was drenched in sweat, and realization tore her delicate eyelids open once again. She was

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