Shirley Jackson The Lottery Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… The story revolves around an annual event or ritual referred to as “the lottery.” The author seems to have kept the intended meaning of the short story to herself with an expectation that it will become clear overtime. However, with regards to hostile reactions from readers Jackson was compelled to provide a brief explanation about her intention. In this case, she wrote with the sole purpose of making a commentary on human nature as opposed to a specific criticism of various rural communities in the mid-20th century American society (7). Basically, she is making every attempt to identify questions about consent and …show more content…
Firstly, Jackson not only uses distinct but also unique style of writing. Her choice of title, themes, flow of words, and application of symbols show why Jackson’s the lottery has survived tides in literature for the past 50 years. The story is still as famous as it were five decades ago. In essence, this book identifies and discusses a great deal some of the features, which makes “the lottery” the most notorious tale ever written by Jackson (21). I will, in this sense, rely on this work when describing several themes presented in Jackson’s the …show more content…
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