Sherman 's Fire On The Capitol Of Atlanta Essay

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Here is one of the downtown neighborhoods that had been destroyed by the union forces, during the battle of Atlanta. With Atlanta under Union control, well what was left after the destruction the Union forces conducted, Sherman had his eyes set on the capitol of Georgia, Milledgeville. Sherman lead his troops out of Atlanta southeast, he had already destroyed their infrastructure next was to destroy the capital. Sherman’s forces met strong resistance outside of Milledgeville in the town of Griswoldsville, Sherman’s 1,500 troops got rushed by 2,000 Confederate forces, eventually the remaining live Confederate forces left the battlefield to the Union forces leaving the path open for the assault on the Capitol. On the march to the Capitol Sherman’s guidance and directions still lived in the minds of the troops, they continued to plunder and ransack houses along the way, taking tobacco, liquor, food, and clothing. The items not wanted or needed where destroyed, this went along with the livestock that may have not been needed to provide support of moving gear or for future use as food, they would kill it on site to keep the Confederate forces from being able to use it in any way shape or form against the Union Army’s. Sherman showed a different side of compassion in the town of Milledgeville than he had in Meridian, Chattanooga, and Atlanta, he had a soft spot for the antebellum style homes surrounding the capital and gave orders to leave them standing, except for the one…

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