Essay on Sherman Alexie 's The Business Of Fancydancing

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. Sherman Alexie is an author who grew up in Spokane, Washington and spent his childhood on the spoken Indian reservation but later on left to get a better education in Reardan, Washington, then later on went to Washington University. In Washington University, he met a professor name Alex Kuo who mentored him and taught him to connect to on-native literature that also inspired him to be a writer. After meeting Kou he went on to create his own native literature first starting with poems, then novels and later on creating books. In this paper, I am going to explain Sherman Alexie’s work and accomplishment’s that help make him the man that he is today. Alexie’s writing usually explores themes of hopelessness, poverty, alcohol addiction, racial anger and many others that are usually seen in a Native American life. He addresses these issues in his writing by using a dark humor in majority of his work. In Alexie’s early poem and short fiction novel, The Business of Fancydancing, he explores the modern reality of reservation life and homosexuality. In all almost all of Sherman Alexie’s work, he uses “traditional media stereotypes of Native Americans with the contemporary reality of life on economically disadvantages reservations.”(Sisler.) This theme occurred in some of his writing such as I would Steal Horses, First Indian on the Moon (1993), Old Shirts & New Skins (1993) and the Summer of Black Widows (1997). His writing…

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