Lord Byron's She Walks In Beauty

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Lord Byron was a romantic writer whose painful beginnings and peaceful love affairs shaped him into a passionate poet who illustrated his deepest desires with the stroke of his pen. Lord George Gordon Byron was born in 1788 to an aristocratic family. Although considered royal, he had a mother that abused him and a father who abandoned him at a young age. To make matters worse, Byron was born with a physical disability known as “clubfoot”. Byron wanted to escape his circumstances, so he ran away to live at the Harrow School in London, where he eventually fell in love with his distant cousin. While at the school, he not only became passionate about the young lady, he also developed a passion for writing poetry. The young lord continued to have many romantic relations, and eventually combined this with his love for poetry which helped shape him into one of the most influential people within the Romantic Renaissance of the 19th century. The lord wrote many works of romantic poetry, the most famous being, “She Walks in Beauty”.
In Lord Byron’s poem, “She Walks in Beauty, he uses theme, tone, and symbolism to convey the true beauty that the girl he
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In this poem, he uses a compelling theme, strong tone, and deep symbolism to describe the breathtaking, reverent beauty of the cousin whom he loved. It appears that Byron not only wanted us to know the peaceful love and passion that he felt for this beautiful young lady, but also to teach us a valuable lesson of looking beyond one’s outer beauty. His painful beginnings inevitably left him empty and broken; but when he dug deep into his soul, he found that he had a deep passion that needed to be shared. If we follow Byron’s lead and look beyond one’s circumstances and outer appearances, we will find beauty that has the potential to shine brighter than the stars in a dark, cloudless

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